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Friday, April 22, 2011

Featured Fridays - Cold Antler Farm


It's rainy, cold and dreary here today.  Just what I hoped for on a late-April "spring" day. 


Instead of shearing alpacas this weekend with our friends at Kinney Valley Alpacas, working hard and laughing until we cry, due to the inclement weather, we are staying home, crying.

{insert sad faces here}

OK, we're not really crying.

But I am taking solace for my disappointment in several ways.

a) I'm currently sitting at my favorite local coffee shop, The Mocha Monkey, in Waconia, sipping a "Lucky Monkey" and thinking about what a Lucky Monkey I am, despite the weather and missing  my friends and a whole mess of flying fleece. I have my little rented 2-acre farm, 5 alpacas (#6 due in August!), 3 cats and 15 peeps. Life is good.

b) We have a freshly made, gourmet-chocolate-cheesecake made by my my sweetie in the freezer, that was meant for the folks at the shearing party. If things get too desperate around here this weekend, that baby's coming OUT.  Shearing party be damned!  (But don't tell Justin!)

c) I discovered a new blog a couple of nights ago, while doing a Google image search for chickens.  Turns out there is a young writer named Jenna Woginrich living in Washington County, NY who is running her own homestead, Cold Antler Farm, and who has already authored two books on homesteading - Chick Days, a subject near and dear to my heart, about raising chickens, from eggs to adults, and Made from Scratch, Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life.

I ordered both of her books yesterday.  Yippee!!

Who among us hasn't had some version of the Farmgirl (or Farmer) dream at some time in our lives? Who has bustled along noisy city streets and not longed for a peaceful acre to call their own? Who has tended seedlings in a window-sill garden, or canned fresh produce from the farmer's market, or picked out their own pumpkin straight off the vine in a farmer's field?

If you have Farmgirl dreams in your heart, and some time to dream and read this dreary weekend, I hope you'll check out Jenna's blog, which chronicles her journey from farmgirl-wannabe living in the city, to certified Farmgirl (or Farmer, if you prefer that title Jenna!).

Jenna lights the way for all of us who are still striving towards our own Farmgirl dreams, wherever we may live. 

Happy Friday!


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