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Monday, April 4, 2011


Buff Orpington

Our peeps have arrived! 

Fifteen chicks total. Seven breeds, two of each, plus a free spare who snuck in undiscovered.

C-baby came with me to Runnings Farm & Fleet to pick them out.

We didn't really get to pick them, the clerk just scooped up two at a time and plopped them in the box.

It might have taken us all day to pick them out ourselves.

c-baby and the peeps

When we got to the car, I had to take a couple of pics of the peeps, still in the box.

baby peeps

I am a mom that way, ya know?

fuzzy butts

Have you ever seen such beautiful colors? 

I had no idea peeps came in so many beautiful colors and patterns.


We think this one is an Americana.  When she starts laying, she'll lay "Easter Egg" colors - green or blue or brown eggs. She has chipmunk stripes on her back.

The first pic above is of a Buff Orpington.  We're pretty sure anway.  It's either that or a Gold Star.  They both start out rather buffy-colored.

the flock

The black and silver are Silver Laced Wyandottes.  The mostly black are Barred Rock.  (We're fairly sure on both counts). 

There are three of the Barred - one of them was supposed to be a black Silky chicken.  We were gypped.  The black Silkie was the only chicken we HAD to get today, according to C-baby.

We did however get a buff colored Silkie.  She's a spunky little thing - smaller than the others, but she hangs right in there.  Or he.  You can't really tell with Silkie's at this age.  We're hoping it's a she.

The three really big chicks are Rhode Island Reds.  The clerk said they were a "few days older." I think what he meant by that was, "they're a week old and nobody bought them last week so here ya go." Perhaps that's why we ended up with an extra one.

Rhode Island Red

As long as they don't pick on the others, they can stay.  Nobody picks on my Silkie chickie!

Not even you, little Missy, giving me the eyeball.  Just because you were born before these other peeps, doesn't mean you get to be the boss.

What did you say?  I'm not your real mom?

Hmm. Little Miss Sassy Pants it is.

One name down, 14 to go. 

Got any fun chick names?  Send them my way!


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