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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recap of Twin Cities Live Interview


Most of you already watched the video and saw the picture, but I just wanted to save it as a blog entry so I wouldn't lose it in my back stream of Facebook news feeds.

Last Thursday I had the honor of representing the MN Alpaca Expo in a live TV interview on Twin Cities Live with Emily Engberg

It was a complete blast. Papa Bear chauffeured me and reminded me to breathe, and took photos including the beautiful shot above with TCL hosts Elizabeth Reis and John Hanson.  From the moment we arrived we were treated incredibly.

Emily made us comfortable and told us how the interview would proceed. I was mic'd and then we were able to sit in the audience and watch the first half of the show, a beautiful choreography of rolling camera equipment, videographers, directors, hosts and guests. To our novice eyes, it was a seamless flow.

When it came time to move outside and shoot our clip, our guest alpacas Echo and Espresso from Tari Maxfield's herd at Whispering Oaks Alpacas were stellar performers, calmly staying in the vicinity while Emily asked me questions about the show and about alpacas in general.

In just a blink, the interview was done. The feedback we got from the studio and those who watched it was positive. I can't stress enough how well we were treated and how fun it was to watch the staff at the studio putting it all together. Not only did they treat us well, they treated each other well, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves in the process, joking around and having a good time. 

John and Elizabeth were even gracious enough to allow us to snap a few pictures after the show was over, even though they weren't directly involved in our segment.  Emily had already left the set or we'd have snapped a pic of her, too.

If you'd like to watch the interview, click here. There are a few other segments before our interview, but please enjoy them, too! And if you're looking for fun things to do in the metro area this weekend, please tune into Twin Cities Live to find the latest scoop.

Cheers -


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