Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Peeps, 2 weeks, 12 weeks


The peeps at the Big Farm are two weeks old this week, and my girls just turned 12 weeks old. Three months already! Wow. 3/5 of the way to fresh eggs!

You can see they have acquired some new habits, like coming to the back door to beg for carrot shreds. I wonder who taught them that trick?

And taking a siesta under the pine trees.  They dart like commandos from one tree to the next. A good skill to have I think when the tree tops can be harboring hawks looking for a meal.

The girls still all come running from wherever they are across the yard when I call and whistle in the afternoon, at treat-time. Watching them run over to me is one of my most cherished daily pleasures on the days I am home at the Little Farm.

And of course, they are still endlessly entertaining. They're clucking more and peeping less, and their combs and wattles are starting to grow in.  The cats like to watch them and sometimes practice skulking up on them. But the chickens always discover them and give them a sharp warning, which sends the cats away pretending they don't know what the chickens are complaining about.

Meanwhile on the Big Farm, the little peeps are growing up, too.  They have a little outdoor run they can use on the nice days.

Small, black, running objects are really difficult to capture with my itty bitty SD1000 Elph.

They still love to run, and jump/flap their way up onto things. Won't be long before their little corral won't keep them in any longer.

Won't be long before they can move out onto the pasture and into the rotational grazing system.

With this cow, who is supposed to be in the pasture, and not on the side of the driveway. But that's a story for next time.


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