Sunday, June 12, 2011

Watering Horses

Every day one of the first tasks on the Big Farm is to check the water in the cow/horse paddock.

If the water is low, Little Man likes to help fill the trough.

This involves stringing hoses together from the hydrant in the pole building out to the paddock.

Moms, don't worry - we turned off Blitzer (the electric fence charger) before taking Little Man out here to help.

I have heard a rumor that there are several good "oops-the-electric-fence-was-still-on" stories (none involving small children) but you'll have to confirm that rumor with Justin.

I'm guessing in most cases, "Oops!" was not the exclamation used at the moment of contact, but again, this is a rumor you'll have to confirm with Justin.

Watering the large female herd of alpacas living here is a whole 'nother ballgame involving a skid steer, a fifty and a thirty-five gallon trough, a lot of swearing, and a close call with a fence and a garage.  More on that story at a later date.

On this particular day, Little Man and I finished the job with no mishaps or property losses.  A good start to a good day.

Cheers -


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