Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peeps, 9 weeks old


My flock continues to get more chicken-y every week.

These two, Thelma & Sunshine, are quite the pair. Although the Rhode Island Reds tend to stick closely together, neither of these two gals are usually found with their breed mates.  Rather, they are the ones wandering farthest from the coop, and nearly always together.

And the last two still wandering outside of the coop at sunset, when all the other pullets are clamoring for a spot on the roost.

The voices are starting to change on my Rhode Island Reds, from a high pitched peeping (their adorable baby noises), to the beginnings of clucking.  It's so funny, like a teenager going through puberty.

I suppose that's not so funny if you're a teenager.  Or a chicken going through a voice change. But to my ears, who have been listening to their little peeping for 9 weeks, it's fun to notice the change.

I'm a little sad today, missing my chickie babies.  I'm starting my New Adventure this week, lending a hand at Kinney Valley Alpacas.  It will be almost two weeks before I get to see my chickie babies again.

In the meantime, C-baby and Papa Bear will be taking good care of them for me.

And guess what - next week, here on the Big Farm in WI, they're expecting one hundred new baby chickens!  
So you know what that means... next week's post will be... Peeps, Day 1!

What are you looking forward to this week?  Are you finding ways to stay cool?


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