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Friday, July 8, 2011

Brigid Our Alpaca Arrives at the Big Farm!


Brigid, my very first alpaca, the reason we got into the business four years ago, arrived here at the Big Farm this week.  Until now, she has been living on the farm where she was born since we purchased her three years ago. This week, she moved to WI.

I have not seen a whole lot of Brigid since we moved to the Little Farm last August. Before that, for the two years we were living in Lindstrom, she was only 5 miles away, and I saw her almost every day of the week. I have missed her so much.

This week she has been greeting everybody, even the brand new babies. I love how friendly she is, even when pregnant.

I can walk up to her and touch her, even put my hands on her sides and feel her baby moving.  Not many dams will let you do that. (Or humans for that matter! Not that I'd ever try.)

And she's such a calm and patient mama, too.  Grace had a bit of a struggle when she was born last year, but Brigid was a trooper throughout. Brigid is due this month, so I am hoping she will have her baby on one of the days I am here.

I am so very happy she is here now, along with Grace. 

{Happy Dance!}

My girls are all here! And my boys are all at the Little Farm.  There are little peeps at the Big Farm, and big peeps at the Little Farm. Everywhere I go, whether MN or WI, there is something beautiful to care for.

Life is full, and I am so very, very blessed.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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