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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Peeps, 3 weeks, 13 weeks


Little late on my Peeps post this week.  The holiday on Monday threw me off schedule, and I didn't arrive at the Big Farm until very late Tuesday night, which meant no post writing that night, either.

So now it's Thursday already, and the little peeps at the Big Farm have grown by leaps and bounds. We call them Black Jumpers, because they seem to love to jump and flap as they race around their grassy yard, protected by electric net fencing. But actually they are called Special Blacks, a dual-purpose bird good for both meat and brown eggs.

Soon their movable coop will be built, and they will go out into the pastures following the cows and alpacas. There they will eat grass and clean the poop piles of parasite and fly larvae. They will be a mobile parasite patrol program.

Meanwhile back at the Little Farm, my girls continue to grow, too, but not by such leaps and bounds anymore. They are not quite full-grown chicken size yet, at just over 3 months, but they are getting close.

They still love to hide under the pine trees and lilac bush, running commando-style from one to another.  And they still come running from across the yard whenever I whistle and call them in for their favorite treat, carrot shreds.

Teeter continues to get stronger each day, too. Papa Bear ordered a wire cage so that we can start putting her outside near the coop during the day. We hope to transition her into our flock when she gets a little bigger and more coordinated.

Until next week, stay cool my big and little peeps!


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