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Friday, July 15, 2011


I'm trying something brave and new today.

I've been inspired by Jess from The Old Nichols Farm. She always has these cool links in her posts that take the curious reader to other cool photo websites offering photo challenges, like Beth's site at I Should Be Folding Laundry (what a great blog name, eh?).  Beth posts a photo challenge every Wednesday called You Capture in which she gives participants a theme for the week and invites readers to post links to their own photos (or blog posts) highlighting pictures of her suggested theme.

Clear as mud?

What this means is when I went to Beth's site this week I found out the theme is Summertime.  The one caveat for this assignment is you cannot look through your existing photos to find those that fit the theme - they have to be taken after the participant reads the week's theme.

So last night as Papa Bear flipped burgers on his parents' grill, I wandered around their picturesque back yard and tried capturing a little bit of the fleeting evening summer light that lingered in spots here and there.

Jazmyn and Belle accompanied me around the yard - well, mostly Belle, the Exuberant One - and provided an interesting backdrop for some of the shots.

I hope you are all enjoying your own version of Summer fun.  Drop by Beth's site and see who else has participated in this week's theme shots!

You Capture - Summertime


Jess said...

Awesome! YAY you! I remember the butterflies in my stomach the first time I linked up with one of these challenges. How fun that Belle followed you around, she made these images tell a story.

Victoria Strauser said...

Thank you Jess for your words of encouragement, and for visiting!

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