Sunday, July 15, 2012

Birds Nests

Bird's nest in the tall grass

I have discovered several birds' nests over the last week.  It always surprises me to find nests when I am not looking for them.

Two like the one above were found in the uncut tall grass attached to these "brown sugar weeds" (sorry, I don't know their real name - does anyone out there?).

Bird's nest found in the hay feeder, now in a cubby on the sheep shed

One was in the old hay feeder.  I rescued it before feeding the sheep out there today and moved it to a nook on the old chicken-coop-soon-to-be-sheep-shed.

Bird's Nest flowers make me happy

I apologize in advance if this shot makes you feel dizzy or like you need a new eyeglass prescription. I was playing around with the aperture settings on my new 50mm lens.

I happen to love crazy bokeh but I'm not sure everyone does.  Luckily you all know how to scroll.

The flower above is Queen Anne's Lace, or "bird's nest" flower. See how the flower clusters make a cup like a little nest?

If you visit the link above make sure you scroll down and read the poem. I will never look at my wild pastures the same way again, I will now be thinking of dainty white laundry strewn all over!

What are you discovering in your own back yard these days?

Cheers -
Gypsy Farmgirl writes about bird's nests


Jess said...

You'll love that 50, congrats on the new gear!

Victoria Strauser said...

Thanks! I already love it!

Miss Unicorn Bones said...

Good readiing this post

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