Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Furiously Happy

Baby chicks make me furiously happy

There are so many simple things in my life that make me furiously happy.

3-day old broiler chicks exploring a clump of grassy sod in their kiddie-pool brooder.

Barbed wire fence at dusk makes me furiously happy

Spending an hour at dusk capturing light with my new 50mm lens.

A surprise sun shower and a rainbow that ends over our Aistream camper.  (No pot of gold though, I checked).

Farmer's market flowers make me furiously happy

Farmer's market flowers in the last light of the day.

Grapes on our grapevine make me furiously happy

Grapes on our grapevine.

Super large thermometers make me furiously happy

A thermometer large enough I can read it from the kitchen window and can stop obsessively checking weather.com to see just how hot it is every other minute.  (We had a 3-day reprieve from the excessive heat when I snapped this photo, but the heat is baaacccckkkk).

A new rain guage makes me furiously happy

A new rain gauge.  It's bone dry, which does NOT make me happy.  But having one makes me feel like I really belong in the country.

Sleeping cats make me furiously happy

Sleeping cats, especially their paws.

A frozen peach after moving electric netting in 90-degree heat.

Making silly shadows makes me furiously happy

Making silly shadows in the back pasture.

Wet bandannas and a fan.

Crazy looking chickens make me furiously happy

Crazy looking chickens.

Happy kids make me furiously happy

A gathering of friends.

Happy sheep make me furiously happy

Happy sheep.

What makes you furiously happy?

Cheers - 
Gypsy Farmgirl writes about being furiously happy


Sonjiatx said...

What makes me furiously happy? My teenage sons kissing me on the cheek when they walk by. Crisp bacon. Amazon packages on my front porch. Rainbow colored foam inside the drive thru carwash. Handmade tamales and fresh peaches at the farmers market. Getting wet when I set out the sprinkler on the lawn. Dragonflies.

Victoria Strauser said...

Thank you Sonjia! Lovely list!

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