Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Serendipity Bakery Opens!

Serendipity Cheesecakes - first batch in the commercial kitchen!
After two months of red tape, applications, business plans and licenses, Papa Bear spent his first evening in the commercial kitchen in La Crosse tonight pumping out nearly 200 bite-sized cheesecakes from Serendipity Bakery.

Not only are they made from locally sourced, organic cream cheese and other gourmet ingredients, not only are they scrumpdilliocious, they are also Gluten-free and low sugar!

Filling the cake pans

Really, how could you say "no" to this type of guilt-free decadence?

The 8-hour night in the commercial kitchen was a hot and painful memory I'd rather soon forget, with us dropping into bed at 4:00am, but I am so proud of the work that my sweetie (pun!) has put into this endeavor and so excited for his new business!

Almost done!

So, what goes into a Serendipity cheesecake, you ask?

The cast of characters, in no particular order:

This sexy biker-slash-cheesecake-chef (or maybe, Organic Valley cream cheese):

Serendipity Cheesecakes in the making!

{Note the 20-quart industrial Hobart mixer in the background!}

Free-range chicken eggs (no, not from our flock - we're not allowed per the inspectors)...

Free-range chicken eggs

Xylitol (glycemic index of 7 compared to sugar's 40)...

Xylitol - low glycemic!

Soooooo Delicious regular flavor creamer (we often use this in place of milk or creamer, since it's coconut NOM)...

So Delicious creamer

Pure vanilla extract...

Pure Vanilla extract

Ghirardelli chocolate, which needs no introduction...

Chirardelli nom chocolate

A little love, a little magic, and a Woodsie popsicle stick.

Woodsies popsicle sticks

We sure hope we get a good crowd at the Cameron Park farmer's market in La Crosse this Friday!


Julia said...

This is AWESOME! Way to go Kelly! :)

jenlarson said...

So Exciting!! You guys just keep coming up with new surprises! Kelly must be in Cheesecake heaven :)

Jean said...

Congrats to both of you. May you be inundated with orders. luv ya.

Victoria Strauser said...

Thanks everyone - it's been a lot of work so far, hopefully there will be a sweet pay off! haha...

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