Saturday, August 18, 2012

Turkey babies on the loose

Baby Blue Slate turkey preening

I had to do it.  I had to see what they would do with total freedom.

When I take them out of their brooder, they just stand still as I scoop them up.

Then they stand on my thumb or wrist.

Sometimes they fly out of the brooder onto the rim.  And just perch there.

No squawking, running away, no flying into things, no craziness.  Unlike my newest batch of poults who are crazy wild.

Nope, these guys (or girls?  I can't tell which is which yet) are just sweet and docile and calm.

Baby Blue Slate turkeys exploring the yard

So I let them out of their kennel in yard today.  Because I knew I could walk right up to them and scoop them up if they strayed too far.

I figured they'd stick pretty close by, and all the cats were locked in the house.

I didn't have to worry.  They all stayed together.  They explored the front yard, the patio, the driveway.  They took a nap next to the garden shed.  Every so often they walked back into their kennel for a snack.

Baby Blue Slate turkey preens itself

I started cleaning out my garden shed, giving me something to do nearby so I can keep a watch on them. They were out for a couple of hours or longer.

They just hung around and explored together, making their adorable "happy turkey" noises and every so often a loud Peep! when they saw something new.

Here's a very short video of them investigating something on the sidewalk and making their 'happy' noises.  If' you've never heard happy turkey baby noises well then you're just missing out completely.

I am loving these baby turkeys just a wee bit too much.  Papa Bear has even suggested names for them.

Baby Blue Slate turkey exploring the patio

Goodness sake, doesn't he know if we name them, we can't eat them?

What ever will we eat for Thanksgiving?

Oh yeah, there's that pig our friends at the Big Farm raised for us that's being processed right now...

Thanksgiving ham anyone?

Cheers - 


Jess said...

Eeeeek! I'm jumping up and down excited about your turkeys!

Victoria Strauser said...

Haha - they are the SWEETEST birds we've raised so far! Going to make it a challenge to put one on the table some day!

Jess said...

I still love them. That's all. :)

Victoria Strauser said...

Me too.

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