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Monday, October 15, 2012

The turkeys are looking... turkeyish

Remember this?

day old turkey

Hard to believe that was three months ago already.

Little flock of turkeys at the Little Farm
The gangs all here

And this?

Turkeys like Head & Shoulders

They still do this, by the way.  Even though they're much, much bigger. Or on my boot.

Sweet little turkey female asleep on my boot
Sweet female asleep on my boot

The females have a new trick however - roosting on top of their coop.

Every night around dusk I have to go out there and fetch them off the roof and put them inside.

Nowadays, if you're lucky, you can catch my males "struttin' their stuff" showing off for the ladies, and I've even heard one of them gobble a few times.

Struttin' for the ladies

They're still far from full-grown and will live safely in the barn all winter, bypassing all of the usual Thanksgiving activities.

And if they all stay as sweet as they have been until next spring, we might just be having Easter ham instead of turkey.

Cheers -


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