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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Reedsburg Fermentation Festival Farm/Art DTour


Um... can someone straighten that picture frame?

Some day I will post things the same week they occur.

This will happen right after we hire a full-time live-in maid/housekeeper/cook/gardner.

And I don't have a work a 9-5 day job anymore, and can spend all my time tending critters and writing stories.

Alas, since this has not yet happened, this post is already sadly out-dated.

"Recently," we spent one glorious afternoon in the Reedsburg, WI area, under the guise of attending the Fermentation Festival.

No, this festival isn't the celebration of eating too much cabbage and torturing your spouse all night.

Giant color crayons? No, corn cribs!

It's a two-weekend festival of classes around the ancient and varied arts of fermentation including vegetables (OK, so there might be some cabbage after all), tea (Kombucha), cheese, bread, wine, cider and beer.

I would love to write about all the informative classes we attended, but we didn't register early enough to get into the ones we wanted, so we opted for the Farm/Art DTour instead.

The Farm/Art DTour is a 50-mile self-guided loop that takes you out into the countryside, where artists have teamed up with farmers and built temporary art installations on fields and pastures close to the highway, like this tractor which has been built into a stack of firewood.

Hmmm... now where did I park my tractor?

And this cabin made entirely of pallets.

Cabin built of pallets

There are also artist-built mobile road-side culture stands like this one selling locally grown produce, and pasture performances by area musicians. 

Mobile road-side culture farm stand

Despite our disappointment in not being able to attend any classes, the tour still made for a lovely fall day and we thoroughly enjoyed our scenic drive through the unglaciated hills and valleys of Sauk County.

Sans fermentation.  Or cabbage. 

We may not have found any cabbage, but we did find these ginormous pumpkins at BP Farms Sunflower Barn for just $2.00/each. Can you see the pumpkins dancing in Papa Bear's eyes?

Can you see the pumpkins in my eyes?

No?  Let's try again then:

Visions of sugar-pumpkins dance in his head...

It felt wrong to spend an entire day in the vicinity of the 'Ferm Fest' without actually participating, so after the art tour we went home and shook the 5-gallon carboy of fermenting pear cider in our kitchen.  

Or what I like to call, "what-to-do-with-20-gallons-of-pears."

Cheers -


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