Friday, February 18, 2011

Freeze, thaw, freeze

After suffering through a week of double-digit below-zero windchills, I was delighted when the mercury not only rose above zero, but climbed above freezing as well, nearly touching 50 yesterday. I admit I haven't been taking many pictures these past few days, as I have been very busy doing clean-up in and around the barn. Gotta take advantage of the warm days, ya know?

zoey explores However, I did allow the kitties outside to explore a little in the warm sunshine near the house. They are indoor kitties, so I was right by them to make sure they didn't venture off too far. kali & zoey Kali's tail is a bit poofed in this picture - a noise, probably from the highway, spooked her a bit. She also had a ridge of raised hair going down her back, although that's harder to see here. poofed tail After their 10 minutes of fun, back inside they went. inside please? I'll have to watch them even closer as the snow mels further from the house.

Rascally cats!


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