Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Thaw

The warmer temps the last several days has meant a lot of time out by the barn, hauling sled-fulls of bedding and thawing poo to the manure pile.
hello? Even though I have been diligent about cleaning away the poo piles in front of the barn every day, there were many days where the nights were so cold the poo had frozen solid, then been covered over in a foot or more of snow, then frozen solid again. Even though I knew this, I was not prepared for what several layers of thawing poo would do to the area in front of the barn once it melted. Using a kid's sled I have hauled many a load to the manure pile these past few days. And I'm not down to the dirt (mud) yet, as there are still several frozen layers to go. I have thought a few times about taking pictures of that process. But it is just too yucky. So instead, here are a few recent pics of the boys. hello, Boo! As usual, Monet never lifts his head once the hay goes out. I do get a kick out of those fuzzy butts. fuzzy butts

The end!


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