Monday, February 28, 2011

Deja Vu'

Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah, every day for about the last four months. A winter wonderland. Only, it's March now. Winter can go away. And you, you 16" snowfalls, you can go away now, too. You're beautiful, really. No offense. I'm just tired of this scene. Day after day after week after week, new snow, below zero windchills, excessive propane bills. I'm dreaming of surfing in Hawaii next January & Februaray. I'm thinking now I might have to extend it to March as well, being that the weather here this year doesn't seem to be starting out very pleasant for March. Of course there are a few bright spots despite the cold & snow. Papa Bear, for one. I truly am blessed to have this man in my life. These two make quite a pair. We're an odd family, we are, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and C-baby (bear). I'm so used to seeing PB like this sometimes I forget other people have different eyes. And then of course there are my girls, who ventured out today thinking it was nice and warm like the last time they came out, not realizing we had gotten another 16"+ of snow since then and the temps were nowhere above freezing anymore. zoey They were very brave despite the chilly toes. They didn't want to stay outside very long. Can't say that I blame them on that point. Spring has got to be coming soon, doesn't it?


J said...

I feel bad now for the veritable balmy weather we are having; snow but a memory.

Victoria Strauser said...

Don't feel bad, just enjoy it!

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