Wednesday, February 2, 2011


boo Yikes it's been over a week since I last posted - where does the time fly off to? I think the cold sucks it away like a black hole. Or maybe white hole, being that it continues to snow here, every week. Last week just disappeared when I had to spend 3 days in town (vs. working from home). One day was for a medical appointment, the next was to bring my car in for repair, but they didn't get at it until late in the day, so Friday I had to go in, also, only to find out they couldn't fix it until this week. I am still without a car today. Last weekend was the normal type of busy - Saturday we visited Brigid & Grace at Spirit Song Alpacas for a bit of halter training with Grace, prepping for her first show in April, the MN Alpaca Expo. If you've never been to an alpaca show before, I highly recommend it. Not only will you get to see hundreds of show-quality alpacas in one place, all of their owners will be more than eager to show them off to you. And you will get to hear what the judges have to say as well. Here is sweet little Ellie (short for Edelweiss, named after the white flower), who was the last one born on the farm last fall. Grace is so much bigger than her, but that is the difference sometimes between spring and fall babies. Grace had a lot of time to grow and put on weight before the cold arrived. ellie Papa Bear feeding Brigid by hand. She's still so sweet, even when pregnant, even though I don't get to see her every day like I did when we lived closer. Grace is behind him. brigid Here's Grace with a halter on. We like to do something distracting like feed them something when they're getting used to the halter. It makes them forget about wearing it. grace My little brown-eyed brunette beauty. grace No matter how you do at the shows, we'll still adore you. I was there 15 minutes after you were born, and stayed by your side for 48 hours straight to see you through your rough start. You'll always be our little miracle baby, Grace. grace I only wish I could move you here. But your mama is pregnant and I don't want to unduly stress the both of you out by moving you this winter. Hopefully this summer we can figure out how to get your closer. In the meantime, I have these three silly boys to take care of. honeywiese, boo & monet What does an alpaca do when the wind chill is double digits below zero? Hunker down in the hay pile. the boys My boys. My goodness. Rascals, all of them. who, me? Yes, even you, Boo.


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