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Saturday, March 5, 2011


I have really been enjoying my stay in San Carlos. Aside from the 50+ degree temps, the city is in spring bloom mode. Lowell's house has been bursting with blooms from amaryllis and orchids ind side to paperwhites, daffodils, freesia and calla lilies outside. My walks have taken me past flowering azaleas, cherry trees, tulip trees and camellias. It is supposed to snow again in MN tomorrow. By Wednesday, I'll be back home trudging through snowbanks to the barn. Between now and then, I will savor every blossom, taking the heart of spring home with me when I go. Blessings -


Jess said...

Saw your comment on The Inadvertent Farmer's site that you're in MN. I'm in the middle of ND so, of course, I had to click on over... and here you're off playing in a faraway land that looks nothing like home. ;) Hope you're having a GREAT time there! The pics give me hope that someday Spring will arrive here too.

Victoria Strauser said...

Thank you for visiting Jess! I bet you are as tired of the cold & snow as I was/am! I will try to bring some spring weather home with me this week. :)

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