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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blitzer Blues


No alarm, no shower, no cup of coffee, jolts a person awake like peering out the window at 5:00am (long before you actually need to get out of bed) and realizing that a herd of 100 alpacas is escaping out of the pasture onto the property at the Big Farm, and you are the only person awake on the farm who knows this is happening.

With some help, an hour later, they were all contained again, in one pasture or another.  Not necessarily the right pasture, but a pasture nonetheless.  Luckily, no males escaped, and no unchaperoned hanky-panky occurred, that we know of anyway.

A few days earlier, as I was getting ready to leave for a property-viewing appointment, I noticed a cow grazing alongside the driveway.  A cow that should have been safely tucked into the pasture behind the house.

It is heartening to know, for a newbie like myself, that even on a big farm, sometimes unexpected things happen.  Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way, still, even after 20-odd years of farming.

Lessons such as, Blitzer, the electric fence charger, is a marvelous invention, making the whole process of multi-species, rotational grazing even possible... but it doesn't work if it's not turned on.

I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere, but I will leave that up to you readers.

What's charging you up this weekend?


Jess said...

Ha ha. Unfortunately, some of our neighbor's bulls got loose this Spring. And, uh... there was so me unscheduled hanky-panky that went on.

Jess said...

Haha! That was supposed to say "some", not "so me". Oh dear. What a typo.

Victoria Strauser said...

Haha Jess - that's very funny!

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