Wednesday, February 18, 2015

a cold winter's day

a breath of fog

A drive to La Crosse to deliver CSA shares yielded some pretty spectacular scenery today.

I could have driven on I90 to La Crosse but I always prefer to take the back way along scenic highway 14 which yields much more interesting scenery, even if not perhaps the fastest route to the city. 

horses on a cold winter's day

What you can't see in this photo:  The snow all up and down my backside, a result of sliding down into a ditch between the road and the pasture to get this shot. The horses only sniggered a little.

blustery wind whipped snow on a cold winter's day

The wind up on the ridge was pretty ferocious.  I was thankful that I had my warm vehicle and did not have to make the trek in a horse-drawn carriage, like many of our Amish neighbors do, no matter how cold it is outside. 

the lookout from Grandad Bluff overlooking La Crosse, WI

After my stops in La Crosse, I stopped at Grandad Bluff for a few more photos. 

overlooking La Crosse, WI from Grandad Bluff

Breathtaking, in more than one way!

Grandad Bluff, La Crosse, WI

Cheers - 
Gypsy Farmgirl enjoys the views on a cold winter's day


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