Saturday, February 14, 2015

what happens in the paddock, stays in the paddock

breeding like, well, rabbits

I've become a bit of an expert on the "birds and the bees" in the barnyard.

{B&B. &B}

earn it, b*tch
Tom turkeys work pretty hard to win the favor of the hens, not only through strutting and a "spit and drum" vocalization, but they also are gentlemen who wait to be invited for more advanced maneuvers (unlike chicken roosters who just "grab and go" with any hen, any time they can catch one).

In addition, once a hen accepts tom's favor, there is an elaborate dance on her back, the tom using his claws up and down the sides of her back to trigger her pleasure receptors.

Alpaca males "orgle" while mating, their vocalizations a key part of the process for female receptivity.

how about a little bunny romance

But nothing is as  funny as rabbits coupling.

the birds and the bees and the bunnies

If the doe is receptive, the male will not waste any time getting things done, grabbing the hair on the back of her neck in his mouth to hold on has he vibrates like a jackhammer then siezes up as if having a heart attack, then falling over on his side.

if you blinked, you missed the show

If you blink, you'll likely miss it.


So don't blink.

And have a Happy Valentine's Day!!

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