Sunday, February 15, 2015

sweet peeps

"What's up, peep?"

The peeps are about 5 days old now, and as always I am enjoying them immensely.

Despite their diminutive size, they are full of personality and curiosity. 

A riot of colors as peeps mingle in the brooder

They bring the spirit of new life, and hope, to a part of winter that I often struggle with, the part that seems to drag on forever, spring a distant memory. 

Buffs discuss peep news with a Wellsummer pullet

My daily dose of cheer, these babies. 

nothing like peeps in the hand to brighten up a day

In case you're curious about what breeds we got this time, in Papa's hands are a Wellsummer (brown), a Black Sex Link, and an Ameraucana.

from left: Wellsummer, Black Sex Link, Ameraucana

Wellsummers are a breed from Welsum, Holland, best known as the rooster on the Kellog's box. She will lay dark brown eggs.

Black Sex Links are a cross between a Rhode Island Red rooster and a Barred Rock hen. Differences in color of the newly hatched chicks are gender related, allowing for easy sorting of pullets and cockerels. She will lay light brown eggs.

Ameraucanas come in many colors, from light to dark. They lay light blue or green eggs. 

Buff, Wellsummer, Ameraucana and Black Sex Links mingle in the brooder

In the top photo on the page, two Buff Orpingtons exchange peep news. One of our all-time favorites, buffs are sweet tempered and curious. They also lay light brown eggs.

Ameraucana peep sleeps standing up

This is the earliest we've ever started pullets (young female chickens). It is our hope that they will be laying well before our older girls molt in the fall, a natural process that takes so much energy from the hen that she stops laying eggs for up to 3 months.

These little sweeties are our guarantee for non-stop eggs throughout that period. 

a Buff Orpington chick poses for the camera

And non-stop entertainment for the next 9 months as they grow in feathers, size and individual personalities.

Gypsy Farmgirl loves little peeps!


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