Wednesday, February 4, 2015

falling in love again

melting over this sweet face!

I am in love. 
chin whiskers!

Certifiable, head-over-heels in love with my friend's newest calves.

Look at the heart on this guy's forehead!

I just melt over their beautiful brown eyes and long eyelashes. 

Close up of Valentino's heart

Several of the bull calves have white hearts on their foreheads, and a follower on my Instagram feed named them Valentino and Valentine. 

And then there is Johanna, a little white heifer that I got to name!

She's a little bit shy and a whole lot sweet. 

There are also two very sweet and silly older calves that make the funniest faces and love to suck on my entire fist. 

Gypsy Farmgirl falls in love with Holstein calves

another bull calf with a large heart on his forehead

But Johanna and the Valentino boys are my very favorite sweeties. 

I hope you like them too. 

Gypsy Farmgirl loves Holstein calves


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