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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Peeps

The peeps are dancing for joy today.

They moved outside into their new digs. 

The forecast was for 58 degrees (F), sunny, no wind.  Perfect!

After listening all morning to intense squawking coming from the brooder on the front porch, and determining that it was mostly being caused by one Rhode Island Red taking pecks at anyone within beak's reach of her, I decided the reds would be the first batch I'd move outside.

Catching the first one was easy - she hops onto my arm.  She was less than thrilled to be set down in the cat carrier, which I had tipped up on end to keep them from flying out. 

The other two were trickier to catch, but I managed. I thought they would be happy to get out of the cat crate, but no... it took some convincing.

But once they figured out they were safe, they were off exploring and happily munching grass and the occasional worm.

The next batch followed soon after, and they were much quicker to come out of the crate and join their brooder mates.

My last batch to move over included all of my shyest (i.e., hardest to catch!).

This batch included my Auracaunas, Silver-Laced Wyandottes, and Frickin, the Silkie.

I sat in the corner of the coop watching them happily explore their new surroundings, their happy little peep noises confirming their pleasure.

Outside the coop, red-winged blackbirds trilled, morning doves cooed, chipmunks and squirrels chattered, and a woodpecker drummed.

Inside the coop, I sat in complete amazement and contentment.



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