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Monday, May 2, 2011

Peeps, 4 weeks old

I can't believe the peeps are a month old already.

They grew a lot over the weekend while we were showing Grace at the Great Midwest Alpaca Festival.

Their baby fuzz is nearly all gone now, with just a few tufts here and there which remind me of dandelion fluff.

Remember this?

Now, this.

And this?

Now, this.

They're also getting much, much harder to capture images of. They're big enough, and wiggly enough, to make capturing them at close range a challenge, especially since I have to shoot in macro with no flash.


With an itty-bitty point & shoot (a Canon SD1000 Elph).

It's like a three-legged race. Awkward, at best. I'm trying to get better, really. I've even picked up Papa Bear's big-boy camera a few times. But there's a huge learning-curve there and I just started to learn it.

Please be patient with me.  I promise my photos will improve over time.  Or your money back. Guaranteed.

Our daughter, C-baby, took good care of the chickie babies while we were away. It's so nice to have someone reliable to take care of the farm for us.  She had her hands full, too - three alpacas, three cats, fifteen chickens and over 400 seedlings under lights.

She kept everything alive!

Yeah C-baby!

I do have one request, however, for those of you who have made it this far through my post... (anyone still reading?  Anyone?)

Please please please send us some sunshine (and no wind!) this week so we can put the peeps out in their new chicken coop hoop house.

The babies nearly fly right out of the brooder (an 8' horse trough) now every time I take the mesh cover off. They're constantly running into and over each other, and squawking so loudly I swear they're dying out there.

So I'm always going out to the porch to check, and they all just stand there looking up at me like, "Nothin's going on here mama, promise."  All wide-eyed innocence, that bunch.

So please please send us some sunshine (and no wind!).

The peeps will thank you.

And so will I.

Or, your money back, guaranteed.


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