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Monday, May 16, 2011

Peeps, 6 weeks old


A momentus day for the peeps - they got to explore outside of their coop for awhile today! (Supervised of course).

A bit timid at first, nobody wanted to venture beyond the coop door threshold...

but after the brave ones ventured out, nearly all the chickens came outside at least for a bit.

All except for Frickin. Frickin wanted nothing to do with freedom and new grass. 

Or maybe it was the big scary human lying on her belly just outside the coop that made him think twice.

That didn't seem to deter this pullet (as yet unidentified name and breed). She climbed over my back and was happily perching on my shoe as I was twisting around trying to snap a shot without being able to look through the viewfinder.

I have a handful of hens who will always climb up in my hand (or on my back apparently!). I can't imagine how this will work when they are full-grown chickens!

All the chickens nearly disappeared in the tall grass.  Let me just say I am not at fault for all of this grass.  I blame all the snow this winter.  And all the rain this spring. And the fact that my boys are not keeping up with their mowing duties.

While we're focused on this picture, first, can you spot the chickens?  I know, they're barely visible in all this grass!  Secondly, check out the new axel on the wheelbarrow. When we bought this baby last fall, the wheels were very close together, and I found I could not navigate very easily across the bumpy terrain that is my lawn & pasture.  Sweetie put in a new axel which spread out the wheels, and now I feel like an AWD machine!

Thanks sweetie!

But back to chickens.  And grass. And boys.  And lawnmowers... anyone got a mower I could borrow?

What's growing in your neck of the woods this month?


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