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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Home to Roost


I forgot a very, very important detail in my post today about moving the peeps outside. Their brand new beautiful roost, made from a tree branch that fell off a tree near the house over the winter.

Last night, after meeting my daughter for coffee at The Mocha Monkey  in Waconia, I lingered at the coffee shop after she left for her evening shift at Redstone Grill, working on some writing, and wondering how late Papa Bear was going to be working, since he hadn't called/e-mailed/Skyped or texted that he was on his  way home, or was home wondering where I was.

Eventually I called him.  He was already home, and had been, for quite awhile. When I inquired why he didn't let me know, he said he was working on a surprise for me.

A surprise?  From PB?

It wasn't my birthday yet, although it is close to Mother's Day, and I was very curious about what the new surprise could be.

I packed up my laptop and headed to the car for the 10-mile drive home. When I arrived, PB was just cleaning up his tools. He motioned to the chicken coop, and there inside, where no roost had previously been, his custom-fitted tree-branch-roost now sat sturdily, wired to the coop in multiple places.

Not only that, but he had hand-curled all of the pokey-outey ends of all the wires used to wire the branch into place.

Every. Last. One.

Have I mentioned lately how blessed I am to have PB in my life?

Thanks sweetie.

The Peeps and I are so grateful.


Tekwrangler said...

Thank you HB, for the nice post and recognition.

DownyChick said...

Aw, that is so cool! How do you hand curl the ends of the wires? That is such a practical idea. I think it would take me a week to do, though. Is there a trick or tool to help?

Victoria Strauser said...

I believe he just used a needle nosed pliers! He's just that patient and awesome! :)

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