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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Soon-To-Be-Not-So-Fuzzy Lawnmowers


It has been crazy busy here the past month and a half.  I had the honor of doing a TV interview on behalf of the MN Alpaca Expo,  showed Grace at the MN Expo and Madison show, brought home 15 chicks (laying hens), built a chicken coop hoop house, drove to WI twice to look at land for sale, drove to Kinney Valley Alpacas in Ontario, WI to learn how to shear, and celebrated my daughter's birthday.

As if that weren't enough, tonight we're shearing our three boys, tomorrow, three boys for another farm, and next week we're celebrating my birthday.  29th I think it is. Yep. 


No wonder my grass is growing faster than, well, I don't have a good metaphor for growing fast.  Teeth on a shark?

At first the lawn was pretty sparse, and I thought my fuzzy lawnmowers could keep up.  And then we left for most of the weekends in April and May, meaning they were confined to pasture a lot, and suddenly, I have a hay field instead of a lawn.

I'm afraid to let my peeps out of the coop - I think they might get lost in all that grass.

Why is it the theme song from Little House on the Prairie always pops into my head whenever I see someone running through long grass?

That happens to everyone, right?

Never mind. 

So tonight, we're shearing the boys. 

And this weekend, I'm buying a lawnmower and shearing the grass. 

And maybe I can even have Papa Bear cut my hair while we're in this "make it shorter" phase.

The End.

What's on your Must Do list this week?  Do you have a lawnmower to sell us?


Beth said...

I LOVE his fluffy butt!

Victoria Strauser said...

Thank you! It's that time of year again - now they are fuzzy, soon to be naked!

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